homologous recombination (HR)

Homologous recombination repair (HRR) is essential for the accurate repair of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), potentially lethal lesions. HR takes place in the late S-G2 phase of the cell cycle and involves the generation of a single-stranded region of DNA, followed by strand invasion, formation of a Holliday junction, DNA synthesis using the intact strand as a template, branch migration and resolution. It is investigated that RecA/Rad51 family proteins play a central role. The breast cancer susceptibility protein Brca2 and the RecQ helicase BLM (Bloom syndrome mutated) are tumor suppressors that maintain genome integrity, at least in part, through HR.

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ORTHOLOGY CLASS Homo sapiens L. (human) [HSA] Mus musculus L. (mouse) [MMU] Caenorhabditis elegans Maupas (nematode) [CEL] Drosophila melanogaster Meigen (fruit fly) [DME] Saccharomyces cerevisiae Meyen ex E.C. Hansen (budding yeast) [SCE] Schizo-saccharomyces pombe Lindner (fission yeast) [SPO] Escherichia coli Migula (bacterium) K-12 MG1655 [ECO] Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. (mouse-ear cress) [ATH]
ko:K10959 (DNA repair protein RAD59) RAD59
ko:K10958 (DNA repair protein RAD57) RAD57 rhp57
ko:K10957 (DNA repair protein RAD55) RAD55
ko:K10901 (bloom syndrome protein [EC:]) RECQL3 (BLM) Blm him-6 mus309 SGS1 rqh1 gi:240254298
ko:K10882 (crossover junction endonuclease EME1 [EC:3.1.22.-]) EME1 Eme1 mms4 eme1 gi:240254508
ko:K10881 (26 proteasome complex subunit DSS1) SHFM1 Shfm1 dss-1 gi:21358401 SEM1 dss1 gi:15241644
ko:K10880 (DNA-repair protein XRCC3) XRCC3 Xrcc3 spn-B XRCC3
ko:K10879 (DNA-repair protein XRCC2) XRCC2 Xrcc2 XRCC2
ko:K10877 (DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54B [EC:3.6.4.-]) RAD54B
Rad54b gi:71995707 RDH54
ko:K10875 (DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54 and RAD54-like protein [EC:3.6.4.-]) RAD54L Rad54l rad-54 okr RAD54 rhp54 gi:145338703
ko:K10873 (DNA repair and recombination protein RAD52) RAD52 Rad52 RAD52 rti1
ko:K10871 (RAD51-like protein 3) RAD51L3 Rad51l3
ko:K10870 (RAD51-like protein 2) RAD51C Rad51c spn-D gi:18406752
ko:K10869 (RAD51-like protein 1) RAD51L1 Rad51l1 RAD51B
ko:K10868 (DNA repair protein XRS2) XRS2
ko:K10867 (nijmegen breakage syndrome protein 1) NBN (NBS1) Nbn nbs NBS1
ko:K10866 (DNA repair protein RAD50 [EC:3.6.-.-]) RAD50 Rad50 rad-50 rad50 RAD50 rad50 RAD50
ko:K10865 (double-strand break repair protein MRE11) MRE11A Mre11a mre-11 mre11 MRE11 rad32 MRE11
ko:K10741 (replication factor A4) RPA4
ko:K10740 (replication factor A3) RPA3 Rpa3 Dmel_CG15220 ssb3 At4g18590
ko:K10739 (replication factor A2) RPA2 Rpa2 rpa-2
RPA2 RFA2 ssb2 RPA2
ko:K08991 (crossover junction endonuclease MUS81 [EC:3.1.22.-]) MUS81 Mus81 mus-81 mus81 MUS81 mus81 gi:240256383
ko:K08775 (breast cancer 2 susceptibility protein) BRCA2 (FANCD1) Brca2 BRCA2(IV)
ko:K07466 (replication factor A1) RPA1 Rpa1 rpa-1 RpA-70 RFA1 ssb1 RPA1A
ko:K07462 (single-stranded-DNA-specific exonuclease [EC:3.1.-.-]) RecJ
ko:K06187 (recombination protein RecR) RecR
ko:K04482 (DNA repair protein RAD51) RAD51 Rad51 rad-51 spn-A RAD51 rhp51 gi:18420327
ko:K04067 (primosomal replication protein N'') priC
ko:K04066 (primosomal protein N' (replication factor Y) (superfamily II helicase) [EC:3.6.4.-]) PriA
ko:K03655 (ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecG [EC:]) RecG gi:186498546
ko:K03629 (DNA replication and repair protein RecF) RecF
ko:K03584 (DNA repair protein RecO (recombination protein O)) RecO
ko:K03583 (exodeoxyribonuclease V gamma subunit [EC:]) RecC
ko:K03582 (exodeoxyribonuclease V beta subunit [EC:]) RecB
ko:K03581 (exodeoxyribonuclease V alpha subunit [EC:]) RecD
ko:K03553 (recombination protein RecA) RecA recA3-like
ko:K03551 (holliday junction DNA helicase RuvB [EC:]) RuvB
ko:K03550 (holliday junction DNA helicase RuvA [EC:]) RuvA
ko:K03505 (DNA polymerase delta subunit 4) POLD4 Pold4 cdm1 POLD4
ko:K03504 (DNA polymerase delta subunit 3) POLD3 Pold3 PolD3 CG3975
POL32 cdc27 POLD3
ko:K03165 (DNA topoisomerase III [EC:]) TOP3B
TOP3 top3 TOP3A
ko:K03111 (single-strand DNA-binding protein) SSBP1 Ssbp1 mtSSB Ssb At3g18580
ko:K02686 (primosomal replication protein N) priB
ko:K02345 (DNA polymerase III subunit theta [EC:]) HolE
ko:K02344 (DNA polymerase III subunit psi [EC:]) HolD
ko:K02343 (DNA polymerase III subunit gamma/tau [EC:]) DnaX
ko:K02342 (DNA polymerase III subunit epsilon [EC:]) DnaQ
ko:K02341 (DNA polymerase III subunit delta' [EC:]) HolB
ko:K02340 (DNA polymerase III subunit delta [EC:]) HolA
ko:K02339 (DNA polymerase III subunit chi [EC:]) HolC
ko:K02338 (DNA polymerase III subunit beta [EC:]) DnaN
ko:K02337 (DNA polymerase III subunit alpha [EC:]) DnaE (PolC)
ko:K02335 (DNA polymerase I [EC:]) DNA Pol I POLGAMMA2
ko:K02328 (DNA polymerase delta subunit 2) POLD2 Pold2 DNA Pol delta sub 2 DNA pol delta small sub POL31 cdc1 POLD2
ko:K02327 (DNA polymerase delta subunit 1 [EC:]) POLδ (POLD) mPolδ (mPolD) DNA Pol delta DNApol-delta POL3
cdc6 POLD1
ko:K02317 (DNA replication protein DnaT) DnaT
ko:K01159 (crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease RuvC [EC:]) RuvC

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